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Something is going on with your child's mental health, and you're worried and confused about what to do. Maybe your child is showing early symptoms like shutting down, crying more, expressing anxiety, or having emotional outbursts, and you want to catch it early before it worsens. Or maybe, despite your best efforts, their symptoms have escalated to become high-risk, like self-harm, expressing thoughts of suicide, lashing out at family and friends, or missing school because their symptoms are too severe. Maybe they had a recent trauma or loss, or are processing a divorce or loved one's addiction - or maybe it seems like these symptoms appeared totally out of the blue. What started as a watchful concern about your child's well-being has grown into something you worry about 24/7, and you feel like it's taken over your entire life. You cancel social plans because you feel the need to provide supervision at all times, worried that something bad will happen if you leave. You feel isolated, exhausted, scared, and hopeless that this will never get easier. Part of you worries about your child nonstop, another part of you resents how much of your life is taken over by their treatment, and a third part of you feels guilty for that resentment. 


You love your kid more than anything in the world, and feel desperate to fix whatever is going on with them. You'll do anything to relieve their suffering.  School counseling or other therapy hasn't worked, and maybe they have been in and out of the hospital or residential treatment. You know that there is something missing in their treatment, but need a professional to determine what that is. You spend so much time navigating the complexities of your insurance or the school district that you can barely even determine what's the right answer anymore, let alone gain access to it. You know there has to be a better way, but have no idea what it could be.


Diagnosing the Problem: I will do a thorough analysis of your child's mental health and behavioral symptoms, as well as your family dynamics, to get a clear read on what the root of the issue is.


Risk Assessment and Safety Planning: I will assess the safety concerns and help you determine what level of care is appropriate to address them, and what to look out for that might indicate you need a higher level of care.


Intensive and Individualized Therapy: I can create a specialized therapeutic program designed for a high level of need, meeting numerous times per week as needed and then tapering down once the risk levels lower.


Family Support: I have worked with countless families going through these exact issues and know the emotional toll it takes. I can provide support to loved ones who are navigating this difficult journey too.


Service Planning: I know the ins and outs of how to get what you need out of your insurance, how to pick a treatment provider, which local programs are a good fit for specific child needs, and how to qualify for the right services. I can guide you through all that legwork to make the system feel less overwhelming.


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